1. Is it possible to prevent Acid reflux, which appears after taking Viagra?
Such side effect can happen sometimes, and the best solution, in order to get rid of this problem, is to take one tab of omeprazole every day or it can be recommended to try soft form.

2. Is it possible to take Viagra for young people near 23 years old?
It is possible and safe. Usually, pills like Viagra in such age are taken because young people want to have some other feelings and vary their sexual life because real erectile dysfunction rarely appears in such age.

3. Does Viagra help to last longer?
Yes, it does. In case you want to prolong the pleasure, this pill for sure will help, because it makes not only a stronger erection but also helps to prolong sexual intercourse. SO it is recommended for people who have problems of such nature.

4. When can I take the second pill of Viagra after taking first one?
Despite all the opinions that it is possible to exceed the dosage of Viagra, it is allowed. It case you don’t want to get side effects, you must follow the rule and not exceed the dosage. It will help to keep your health safe.

5. Does Viagra cause desire also or just ability?
Viagra acts in such a way, that erection appears naturally. So it orders to have it there must be sexual desire. That’s why a man shouldn’t worry that pill will stand acting, not in time. For having sex with Viagra you have to feel the desire to your partner.

6. I am a healthy 40-year-old male with ED. What is the dosage of Viagra for me?
The dosage is usually written in the instruction for pills. Average Viagra dosage, which is recommended to be taken by those who wants to have full sexual intercourse is 50 mg. Don’t forget that it’s better to take it one hour before having sex.

7. Viagra – After ejaculation does the erection continue?
Mostly it is considered to be that erection disappears after an end of sexual intercourse. At the same time, practice shows that after an end erection can still continue, so you should take it into consideration.

8. Can it happen that Viagra doesn’t work?
Viagra is considered to be the most effective pill against erectile dysfunction. Mostly it works in more than 99% of cases. But sometimes it can happen that it doesn’t work. In such cases, it is recommended to try generics.

9. What is generic Viagra and is it safe?
The generic Viagra is safety to take. It is an analog of Viagra, but with the cheaper price. As practice shows, some people prefer it not only because it is cheaper, but also because for them it is more effective.

10. What is the average lasting time of an erection while on Viagra?
Viagra is such a medicine, which acts extremely individually for different people. So all you will see in practice, But mostly it acts from zero to a dangerous 4+ hours, anywhere in between