Main rules which can help to keep male health without taking a big effort.

To stay healthy men should regularly go to the doctor. One of the main doctors is a urologist.
At any age, every man once a year must pass inspection at the urologist. It was this time a specialist can detect a man signs of impending danger – prostatitis, and assign timely treatment to eliminate this insidious disease. Prostatitis in the majority of cases occur in men over 30-35 years, but it does not mean that younger men are not susceptible to this disease. Currently, there is no bias in men about the campaign to the doctor – urology offices can be found in private clinics, and health centers in the community, and a trip to the doctor should not cause inconvenience and accompanied by negative thoughts. Warn prostatitis is always easier than to treat it, so a campaign to routine inspection by the urologist, in any case, cannot be ignored.
It is important to monitor the urination. Any violation of this process, or the unpleasant symptoms during urination indicate the onset of the prostate or other prostate diseases. Factors that should alert a man and be a signal to call for consultation to the urologist are: frequent urination, and the one-time urine very small portion; nocturnal urinary urgency; pain and cramps, burning sensation when urinating; pain in the lower abdomen, perineum, scrotum; erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Edema of the scrotum and perineum, blood or mucus in the urine; violation of the urine stream: spatter or droplets. The above symptoms should serve as a signal for which a man should immediately consult a urologist.

Importance of keeping a good shape

You need to watch your weight. Excess weight has a negative impact on male sexual function, reducing the chance of conceiving a child at times, as well as breaking the relationship with his wife. Male erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of the metabolic disorder caused by excess weight, and insufficient flow dietary minerals and vitamins. Only a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet will prevent the risk of male sexual health disorders. What is man’s health in full sense and how to keep it for long is closely connected with this aspect?

Sexual life can be safe

Each sexual contact a man should take care of that contact was as secure as possible. Genital infections and sexually transmitted diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse can provoke severe complications in the prostate, testes, kidneys and the entire urogenital system as a whole, and as a result, serious violations of sexual and reproductive functions. You should always take care of the means of protecting sex, especially if the man is promiscuous sexual relations with many partners. If a man has problems with sex, the best solution, which he can take, is to buy Viagra. Luckily, today there is Viagra online Canadian pharmacy where it is possible to get everything that you need.

What about the sport activity

Sport and physical activity – the basis of all bases! Regular exercise, active lifestyle can keep the body toned, burn excess fat, get rid of stress and negative energy dump. Sports are very useful for men’s sexual health as well as physical and intellectual well-being.